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Before buying one of these NFTs on the open market (Opensea, for instance), it is advisable to check here, to see whether the physical tooth has already been claimed.

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What makes this project different from every other NFT project ?

You get to take home a piece of history & help us preserve history!

Our goal is to preserve land in Florida, its wildlife, & its Megalodon teeth & fossils.

Florida is being Developed at an alarming rate, & they are destroying tens of thousands of acres of fossils every year.

Using the money from this project we will buy land to preserve it & the Megalodon teeth below!

Not only that, this NFT is your ticket to come hunt the land with us!

We've collected 500 incredible extinct Shark teeth fossils for a first of its kind NFT project.

Not only will you get to KEEP the physical tooth featured in the NFT (See roadmap page) the NFT you purchase will grant you access to come dig on the land we purchase using the money funded through the NFT project.

The goal is to buy between 10-50 acres of land to preserve the fossils that are there, protect the environment, & rescue animals that need help. We have had this plan for years but this seemed like an awesome way to get people involved.

Why Florida ?
Florida used to be completely under water when the Megalodon was alive. It was an ancient feeding ground and a breeding ground to the Megalodon Shark. What separates Florida from anywhere else you find Megalodon teeth, Florida has some of the most well preserved teeth & beautifully colored teeth on the entire planet. Shark teeth collectors all over the world want Florida Megalodon Sharks teeth, and for good reason!
Historic Treasure!
Not only is the search for Megalodon teeth a never ending treasure hunt. We are literally the first people ever to touch these teeth that were left behind the biggest predator ever to exist! Its truly an addicting hobby & an experience we want to share with everyone!
About This Collection

What makes this project different from every other NFT project ?

If you get to take home a piece of history & a piece of art once the collection is revealed. This collection consists of 500 completely unique extinct sharks teeth.

250 teeth out of the 500 are Megalodon teeth & some range in price up to $5,000 retail.

The reveal will reveal which tooth will be shipped to you for you to keep!

But the NFT holds the key to potentially find 100X what you are given after the reveal.

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Why Sharks Teeth ?

This is something we love, going out there on an endless treasure hunt searching for these ancient beasts is an amazing experience, one we think everyone should be able to enjoy. We want this project to be for all of us, & thanks to NFTs it could be self sustaining. Once we buy the right land everyone will be able to come find megs, & we'll be able to release collections exclusively from Megalodon ranch.

The Teeth

Most of the teeth in this collection were discovered & excavated by Jack, Merrick, Jay, & the rest of the JoogSquad.

Many of the teeth in the collection can be seen being found in several of the JoogSquad Youtube videos documenting hunting for the last remains of the biggest predator ever to exist on planet Earth, the Megalodon.

A portion of this collection was donated by various fossil hunters to show their support towards us being the land.

If this collection goes as well as we hope it will, it wont be the last Megalodon Shark tooth collection.

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UTILITY This NFT grants you access to dig on the Megalodon Ranch where you can find your own teeth! Each NFT once the park opens will grand you 10 admissions to Megalodon ranch. You can come alone 10 times, or bring 9 other people with you.
(Rules & Regulations apply) This NFT will also grant you free access to the Megalodon Ranch Museum worth 10 admissions.

Physical Asset

Whatever NFT you've kept or collected exactly 7 days after the reveal will be the physical tooth you get shipped to your location!


You are contributing to the conservation of Floridas fossils, everyday more and more of Floridas history is being destroyed by developing homes & phosphate mining. Help us save what we can while we can!


Holders of this NFT will be granted access to WL spots in future collections.


Sharks teeth are like snowflakes, this high resolution shot of your NFT sharks tooth is a 1 of 1 piece of art that you not only can physically own forever, but digitally as well.


Episode 1
Watch our passion & obsession grow.
Episode 2
Watch our passion & obsession grow.
Episode 3
Watch our passion & obsession grow.


The minting process will be a "whitelist" first & a public mint after.

The collection consists of 500 completely unique extinct sharks teeth.

Over 60% are big Megalodon teeth and Great Whites, some ranging in price up to $5,000 retail.

During the minting process, if you mint 2 teeth at once, you get a 99% chance of minting a Megalodon/Great White.

Since there are 59 XXL Megalodon teeth, if you so decide to 5 at once you have over 50% chance of minting an XXL tooth and a chance at scoring 2 XXL Megs.

After the collection mints out, the teeth will be revealed to the holders within 48-72 hours.

Since people buying into this collection are going to be split between just wanting teeth & using the NFT as a ticket to the Megalodon ranch.

Once the collection is revealed you will be required to have possession of your NFT exactly 1 week after the reveal. You must stake your NFT on the website for at least 7 days. After the 7 days are up there will be an option to Claim your physical tooth, you will then enter your name and preferred address & the tooth is on its way to you! (This will allow patrons to trade, buy & sell, incase they didn't get the tooth they wanted)

Exactly 1 week after the reveal, whatever NFT tooth you stake for 7 days, will be what gets shipped to your location.

(Allow 4-6 weeks for the tooth to arrive after reveal date, we are not responsible for loss of property during customs checks if you are located outside the United States)

Using our own money & money made from the minting process we will purchase land in Florida with the purpose of excavating the fossils in the ground.

One of the biggest questions is what area should we purchase to excavate sharks teeth?

Luckily there are dozens of experts in Florida, many of which have been studying the fossil formations & excavating fossils in Florida for the last 20+ years.

Buying the right land is crucial to this projects success.

Before the land is purchased we must be permitted to dig a test hole to ensure there is a fossil layer.

It will be as simple as, if theres sharks teeth in the test hole, the land is good.

Updates and announcements will be made on social media & in the discord.

Once the land is purchased its time to set up weekly fossil hunts with our beloved holders.u.

If you live in Florida or ever plan on visiting Florida you will be able to come out to the property & enjoy a day of discovering history in an ancient battle ground.

The NFT grants you 10 admissions to Megalodon ranch. You can come alone 10 times or bring 9 other people with you.

Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, & Giant Crocodiles all battling to the death, were just searching through the graveyard.

If we're lucky, and we're persistent enough, we might find the world record 8 inch Megalodon tooth, already with an offer of $1,000,000 on the table.

Join us on a journey to make history, preserve history, & do some good for the world by educating people of our planet & oceans past.

Megalodon Ranch Youtube Channel, Instagram, Tiktok, FaceBook & Twitter, will be posting weekly updates on the progress along with the obvious updates on the JoogSquad main channel.

Through 24 Episodes of searching for Megalodon sharks teeth on Youtube alone.

We have racked up over 18,690,000 views with 60,000,000 more views across Facebook, Tiktok, & Instagram.

These are some of our most engaging post on all of our socials with more questions, & interest than any other topic.

The #1 question we get is where can they go to dig for megalodons?

Using the JoogSquad YouTube channel with over 5,700,000 Subscribers we will promote the Megalodon Ranch project to our fanbase.

All this digging we've been documenting & doing will probably mean more Sharks teeth!

Collection #2 could very easily consist of teeth found on the Megalodon Ranch.

We want this to be self sustaining, made by us, for us, & for the delicate history Floridas land holds.

Opening a museum to showcase all our amazing finds & to teach people about the history of our planet would be a dream come true, this is something we have been planning for a long time.

Preserving fossils also goes hands in hand with protecting animals.

There are too many exotic animals who need homes in Florida, we all grew up watching Crocodile Hunter, following in his footsteps would be an honor.